Style Systems


    Just like the breathtaking excitement one feels with every upcoming solar eclipse, Marantz is thrilled to release the latest innovative addition to the Style Series.

  • System19

    The essence of simplicity and purity of stereo: the Eclipse?19. Two compact units and the matching speakers are all you need for breathtaking sound from CD, Mp-3 and radio.

  • System21

    Designed for high quality stereo playback, this system’s small units and matching LS110 speakers provide all you need for breathtaking soundquality from CD,MP3, Radio and on CD-R/RW. The DR110 CD rewriter lets you assemble your personalized CD compilations.

  • System22

    Add a MD110 MiniDisc player/recorder to a SR110 tuner/amplifier and CD110 CD player, and you can create MiniDisc compilations with remarkable sound quality.

  • System25

    Get closer to the frontiers of digital recording technology with the ultimate Eclipse’25 recording system.

  • System55

    Painstaking attention to detail and no-compromise build quality boost this stereo recording system high in modern wish-lists. The two-unit set-up brings together cool good looks and a powerful performance, making it an inspired choice for the music lover with style.

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