Marantz has a long history of producing the best tuners in the industry. Our premium tuner comes with the unique gyro-touch: Marantz' highly popular horizontal ortary selector, first introduced in the 70s and now reserved for only the best-of-the-best. Marantz tuners combines high-quality audio components for the best sound with functionality and ease of use.

  • ST-15S1

    Purely for the purist: the ST-15S1 DAB and FM Tuner.

  • ST-17

    Ultra-sensitive smooth-acting Gyro Touch tuning brings new ease of use, making it quick and simple to pull in a desired station from even the most crowded frequency bandD-BUS connection permits remote control operation in all-Marantz system.

  • ST-17 M

    All the values of the Premium-Series are embodied in the precision performance of the ST-17 M tuner, with customised components and ultra-rigid construction.

  • ST4000

    Offers FM Stereo and MW reception for access to major frequenciesHigh-sensitivity front end and quartz-locked digital tuning ensure drift-free reception and low-noise signal processingPreset memory allows instant recall of up to 30 favourite stations on each waveband

  • ST6000

    30 presets on each waveband for instant recall of favourite stations

  • ST6001

    The ST6001 tuner?s high-sensitivity front-end and quartz-locked digital tuning ensure low noise signal processing and drift-free reception of stereo FM, MW and LW.

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