We could tell you about the specifications of our amplifiers, but specifications are just facts. We’re interested in feelings. That’s why Marantz amplifiers are ‘invisible’ – they adds nothing to the music signal that wasn’t intended by the musician, but they keep the loudspeaker under total control, exactly how it is intended. So you can enjoy the feeling to the fullest!

  • PM-15S2 Limited Edition

    PM-15S2 Limited Edition is the epitome of extreme quality and is, quite simply, a masterpiece.

  • PM-17

    Rigid die-cast chassis and aluminium casing cut risk of vibration and electro-magnetic radiation.

  • PM-17mkII

    Specially designed to make the perfect match with the SM-17, the PM-17mkII is an excellent integrated amplifier for the demanding consumer.

  • PM-17mkII KI

    The K.I series of Marantz are the embodiment of the knowledge and inspired vision of Ken Ishiwata.

  • PM-17MKII KI Modified

    Wide bandwidth power supply for a massive reserve of energy.

  • PM17MKII M

    The Pm-17mkII M is a no-compromise audio component, designed to deliver extraordinairy sonic performance with custoised components and HDAMs.