Ken Ishiwata

Ken Ishiwata is probably the single most influential personality in today’s high-end audio industry. Universally acclaimed for his remarkable talent in conceptualising stunning sound reproduction, his views and visions are avidly reported by the world’s HiFi press - and avidly consumed by the world’s music lovers.

For more than 30 years he has been combining his love of music with his conceptual engineering design approach to create unparalleled high-quality audio products.

Ken Ishiwata has been intimately exploring all newly-designed Marantz units. Only after his approval are they introduced to the world so that other lovers of music can experience the moment.

Discovering protégés
Occasionally, a unit comes along which he senses ‘has more potential’. He then sets about optimising the protégé. This means more than simply substituting key components with more expensive pieces; it involves careful selection and subtle mixing, testing, listening and testing again. Searching for the ultimate combination. In his words, ‘Like any musical performance, all the players must understand and be capable of fulfilling their role. Nothing more. Nothing less.’ When harmonic unity is achieved, a new KI Signature unit is born.

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