Marantz trio receives 'Best Buy' award and five star rating in Home Cinema Choice magazine (May 2013).

Jun 30, 2013

The Marantz AV8801 AV Control Amplifier, MM8077 Power Amplifier and UD7007 Universal Blu Ray Player receive an outstanding review in the latest issue of Home Cinema Choice magazine (May 2013).

According to Richard Stevenson, "the Marantz system delivers a scale and dynamic punch that single-box AV receivers can only dream of; the overall sound is rich, hefty and big - really big - with amazing solidity in the low frequency reproduction; In performance terms, the UD7007 is right up there with the best Blu-ray players of the current crop."

He continues, "the Marantz trio is dying to be used as an homogenous whole. A system for grown- ups, it has a mature and sophisticated presentation that just won't fatigue even after extended listening; and is about as future proof as you could wish for."

For more detailed product information please check out the following links: AV8801 MM8077 and UD7007