PM-KI Pearl

"The KI Signature Series, by audio guru Ken Ishiwata, is synonymous with exceptional sound quality and ultra-fine electronics. Each KI Signature model receives Ken’s personal attention, and takes audio exhilaration to new levels. Ken inspects, tests, and appraises every new model that Marantz engineers develop. These products are purpose-designed to answer customer needs in terms of price and performance – but occasionally Ken discovers one that has within it the promise of more. “From time to time,” Ken says, “you come across a new product that has greater potential; it has the rudiments of greatness. I try to develop that greatness by experimenting with alternative components, seeing how far I can go, searching for reproduction perfection – and all regardless of cost. The result is a truly no-compromise masterpiece. An icon of perfection. “It’s worth it,” says Ken. When you first encounter the new KI Pearls, the first thing you notice are their unique ""Silk Pearl"" finishing. The first of its kind for Marantz. But it's the magic that Ken Ishiwata has created inside the box that really gets the pulse racing. He has built-in everything possible to ensure that the music is reproduced exactly as the original artist and recording engineer intended. The Pearl integrated amplifier is just as stunning as its combining SACD player - its 90 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 140 watts into 4 ohms means it can boss even the most demanding of loudspeakers. While its two-stage circuit construction guarantees a breath-taking signal to noise ratio and spectacular stereo imaging. This page could tell you about the watts, ohms, and voltages. We could also explain about how we have maximised signal-to-noise and eliminated interference. But we won't. Because specifications are just facts. We're interested in feelings. The feelings you get when you listen to beautiful, powerful and uplifting music. Engaging with the artists emotions. That's why the KI Pearl amp is ""invisible"" - it adds nothing to the music signal that wasn't intended by the musician, but it keeps the loudspeaker under total control. So you can enjoy the feeling. In short, KI Pearls are true objects of beauty in every sense. For more information about the KI Pearls please visit