People who have encountered the SA-11S2 often have just one thing to say: “extreme delicate detail”. That’s because it has taken on board many of the advanced technologies that were originally developed for the Reference Series SA-7S1. For example, it now uses the exclusive-to-Marantz Dynamic Digital Filtering technology, which makes standard CDs sound as incredible as SACDs. There are three filter characteristics to cater for different tastes. The unit offers fully balanced signal handling on short, symmetrical, and discrete circuit architecture as well as the HDAM-SA2 high-speed amplifier module. The internal high-precision clock minimises jitter to the lowest possible level, while the rigid double-layer chassis minimises vibration. Extensive copper-plating and system-block shielding keeps the signal as clean as possible. In addition, you get balanced XLR, gold-plated RCA output terminals and a low-noise LCD. All of this means that you get more detail, more precision and more emotion than ever – and all in a wide-open sound stage that positions every instrument and vocalist with pin-point precision. It’s extremely enjoyable.