Introducing Marantz Musical Mastering to the SA-11S3 Premium Super Audio CD Player.

nov. 02, 2012

The Marantz SA-11S3 Super Audio CD Player is the first product to feature Marantz Musical Mastering. This is a special processing of the digital audio signal in our Premium products.

By processing the digital signal from CD or from the digital inputs on the unit, the audio quality and reproduction of music can be significantly improved to create a more realistic and natural audio, which is closer to the original recording.

The following processing steps are: Filtering, Oversampling, Noise Shaping and Dithering. The last step of dithering requires a lot of knowledge and powerful dsp (digital signal processing) and is therefore normally restricted to professional recording studios. However, Marantz have exclusively managed to implement this into the consumer market in the SA-11S3 SA-CD Player.

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