Marantz introduces the new Consolette, the world's finest speaker dock for Audiophiles

szept. 18, 2012

​Bringing together true audiophile sound quality, exceptional levels of craftsmanship, luxury materials, spectacular industrial design and a cutting-edge feature count, the Marantz Consolette redefines what a speaker dock can be.

​Aside from the stunning design and class-defining performance, there is one more crucial feature of the Consolette: user friendliness. This luxury docking station can be controlled by any Apple iOS or Android device. Further features like NetLink make it easy to connect the Consolette to the home network and makes music accessible from any room in the home. And all of this can be easily controlled by the Marantz Consolette App.

Not only is this outstanding dock perfect for all iDevices - including iPad& AirPlay for wireless music streaming. Users can also stream any kind of network stored music, be it on a PC, NAS or Android device.

The Marantz Consolette is available in Silk Black and Silver White from October onwards. For more information please click here.