Marantz PM6004 & CD6004 claim the Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award (Jan 2013).

nov. 28, 2012

Ed Selley has written an in-depth review of the Marantz CD6004 and PM6004 in the latest issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine (Jan 2013).

Individually, the Marantz CD6004 and PM6004 come highly commended, with both units receiving the prestigious Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award. The PM6004 has "an impressive specification" and gives a "detailed and involving performance" while the 5* CD6004 is an "exceptionally capable silver disc spinner that offers excellent performance and good build quality".

This pairing is also praised when used together. According to this review "the two components play to each other's strengths and manage to sound greater than the sum of their parts."

In conclusion,"Marantz's CD6004 is the best sub-£500 CD Player I've heard in quite a while. And if you want a fine affordable integrated amplifier to partner it, then this duo takes quite some beating."

Check out the full review in the latest issue of Hi-Fi choice magazine (Jan 2013.)