PM6005 gets What Hi-Fi 5 Stars

márc. 11, 2014

The Marantz PM6005 receives 5 stars from What Hi-Fi and "its rivals should be worried"

First Test Review for the Marantz PM6005 - 5 Stars from What Hi-Fi.

"We're also impressed by the sense of space and airy presentation. The soundstage is wide and neatly organised. Combine that with an impressive level of clarity and bags of detail, and it's easy to pick out the individual components making up even the most complex of ensembles."

"The Marantz demonstrates great control and excellent timing. A switch to a Rotel RA-10, doesn't result in the same level of insight."

"Marantz is back and its rivals should be worried."


"A hugely talented amplifier and a real comeback for Marantz"

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