The Melody Movie is a high-quality Blu-ray receiver… and so much more. That’s because it entertains in so many ways. In addition to playing Blu-ray discs, it plays CDs and DVDs – with all the finest of details faithfully reproduced. You can also plug-in your iPod, or even your mobile phone or PC – via the optional Bluetooth connection RX101. Stereo FM/AM RDS? No problem, The Melody Movie is also a tuner. But most importantly, whatever the source, prepared to be fascinated, shocked and seduced. As a 2.1 BD Receiver you may want to connect just two loudspeakers directly, or with an additional subwoofer. As you’d expect, BD-picture quality is great, but also from DVDs, since Melody Movie up-scales them to 1080p HD resolution. Sound quality also gets the supreme treatment with a digital amplifier that delivers 2x 70W, and an advanced smart signal processing system. In addition, with Dolby Virtual Speakers, you can experience all-enveloping surround sound from just two speakers. This is big, big entertainment from a very compact and well-designed box.