Now you can enjoy your iPod files on your main stereo system – and, enjoy holding your iPod in your hands, controlling playback from this genius interface. Simply plug the IS301 handheld adapter into your iPod and send the files, via Bluetooth (A2DP), to your receiver unit. A separate base docking station can be used to store the handheld module, where it handles iPod charging and connection, via USB, with iTunes on your PC. The cradled approach also means you can even deliver video from your iPod’s library when this is wired with the receiver unit. The cradle’s flexible design means it can be put on a table or wall mounted. Controlling the power, volume and source of your Marantz amplifier can easily be done with the buttons on the handheld module. Simply keep your iPod in your hand \nand enjoy your favourite music on your HiFi system while sitting or walking through the room. That’s flexibility.