Marantz AV8802A - Home Cinema Choice apdovanojimas

gruod. 15, 2014

Naujasis Marantz AV8802A AV procesorius ne tik apdovanotas Home Cinema Choice 5 žvaigždutėmis ir "Best Buy" logotipu, tačiau ir "Reference status" įvertinimu, kuris skiriamas tik patiems geriausiems.


"…And, man, was I wowed. I was wowed enough to want to spend the rest of my life kicking back and enjoying one of the most sophisticated and detailed multichannel sounds that has ever graced my listening room. If Marantz has endeavoured to make a processor where every channel will appeal to a serious hi-fi audiophile, then the company has succeeded. It's rolled up its many decades of heritage and high-fidelity expertise into one rather mean-looking black box."

"It Is all about the subtle, all about the the detail and all about crafting a precision surround sound experience with nothing added and nothing taken away. It's a clichéd phrase, but I reckon this processor gets oh-so-close to how any director would have intended their film to sound. The balance is so natural and immersive, and free from added character, that this could easily be the reference point for home cinema sonics."

"…letting the Marantz's Dolby Surround mode upscale the 5.1 and 7.1 soundtracks to a 7.2.4 Atmos experience…It really is sublimely impressive how even content with no original overhead material gains immense height – or, rather, vertical depth. There is no vagueness to the sound brought about by artificial channel processing – it's clean, crisp and with added height. It's quite amazing."

"Switch to Dolby Atmos-encoded content and the sound steps up another notch. "Gravity" on Blu-ray proves simply breathtaking – quite literally….Those 11 channels subtly fool you into thinking you are right there."

"Its subtleties and detail massively reduce the fatiguing barrage of noise of some of the more gung-ho movies…"

"The AV8802A brings audiophile-quality processing into a multichannel environment and for a relatively reasonable cost. The only other processor I have tested for HCC that achieves this was the Anthem Statement D2V – a few years ago now – at near three times the price. To put my money where my mouth is, I will be buying an AV8802A and consigning my Denon AVP-A1HD to history. And, for the first time ever in my three-decade love affair with home cinema, I'll bin my high-end two-channel preamp as well. It is simply that good with music."