Premium Dealer Network

Premium Dealer Network

Music is a catalyst for your own emotions - inspiring, stimulating and exhilarating. And to help conjure all that emotional energy as faithfully as the original Musical Master intended, Marantz has pushed the boundaries of what is possible, exploring new regions of audiophile pleasure, and crafted truly unique reproduction solutions.


Choosing a new audio system, or upgrading an existing one, is a pretty emotional experience. There’s the desire for the best possible system, the ambition to reach as high as possible, and the dream of finding the perfect soul mate - one that will give you unquestioning exquisite music reproduction, year after year. To a true music lover, buying a car is easy, but buying new HiFi means jumping head-first into an emotional hurricane. That’s why we’ve made sure help is at hand.

A Marantz Premium Dealer is an expert in Marantz systems, he is trained to help you find your true love in audio systems. He will ask all the right questions: like how big your room is, what devices you want to connect, and what type of loudspeakers you have. And more. He will ask, so that you can make clear, fact-based decisions. That’s because all Marantz Premium Dealers have decades of experience with our brand and products. Only our authorized Premium Dealers are allowed to sell you the most exquisite Marantz products and are able to offer you the service you expect from a premium brand like Marantz.

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